As an Austrian company we provide chip-tuning for most car models.

The software, developed on our dynamometer, offers more power and helps to save on fuel. We also provide dynamometer tests for our customers, before and after the chip-tuning.

We are always trying to develop the best solution for each car, so our customers can be sure to get the best product.

We offer:

  • Eco and Stage1,2 tuningfiles

  • Fileservice for dealers

  • Vmax-open

  • DSG-direct shift optimization

  • Dynamometer tests

What we can offer:

  • We can remove the chiptuning for free in case you want to sell the car
  • A wide range of softwaretuning for japan car models.
  • Modern tuning flashing tools.
  • Modern diagnostic tools to make sure you get the performance you want.

If you have further questions feel free to contact us