DYNOMETER with eddy current brake

On our dynamometer, we can test your car’s performance. This allows you to see the actual results of your car’s performance before and after the chip-tuning. We also offer performance checks for normal cars or cars not upgraded by us. We provide a graph sheet showing your torque in Nm as well as the horsepower Hp at different stages.


With our current eddy-dynamometer, we are able to offer up to 3000 actual measurement points per second. This achieves a metering precision of less than 1% of the performance. These accurate results are also achieved with high performance engines.


External measurement data


This measuring method will give you further information about your car’s boost pressure, AFR and temperature sensors. The test takes about 30-45 minutes. Cars with ESP can only be tested if the ESP sensor is deactivate able.


Our prices for the dynamometer test:

Vehicles up to 400HP 1 measurement € 75

Vehicles from 400HP 1 measurement from 75€

for additional tests on the same car and day pay only 10€ for every run.

For further information or an appointment to test your car, feel free to contact us.