Q&A about Chip-tuning

You get an appointment at our company. Firstly we will test the current performance of your car, where you tell us your wishes about your vehicle performance or consumption. According to your concept, we will try to find a perfect compromise for the software update. This is followed by the optimization of your vehicle, where the data will be read out from the engine control unit either via OBD (On Board Diagnostics) or by removing the engine control unit. This is followed by the data optimization and the play back in the control unit of the modified data.

Yes, the software is adopted according to your wishes.

We will store the original file in our database.

If you want to remove the chiptuning, e.g. when you sell your car, we are able to restore the original software.

Yes, a warranty can be completed up to the age of 5 years (of the car) at an additional cost. For further information please read the warranty conditions carefully. Follow the link to the car insurance.