Chiptuning Bmw M5 F10 V8 TwinPower-Turbo

Chiptuning for the new Bmw M5 F10

The Chipupgrade for the new BMW M5 V8 TwinPower Turbo is now available.

Originally the M5 is equipped with 560 horsepower and 680 Nm.

On our dynamometer the result was 562 Hp and 666 Nm.

With our stage1 optimization we achieved 630 Hp and 800 Nm for the M5.

Stage2 on request with the deactivation of the Vmax to 300 km/h plus and deletion of the second lambda sensor.

This adoption will take about 8 hours including a test on our dynamometer.

The video of the dynamometer test is available on our youtube channel.

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